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2007 News Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – December 11, 2007
For further information, contact: Madeline Foss, 763–574–5942

New modular platform for generator set controls from Cummins Power Generation will revolutionize power system operation

Power Command generator set controls

New modular platform for generator set controls from Cummins Power Generation will revolutionize power system operation

– New Power Command® generator set controls from Cummins Power Generation Inc. are designed on a modular platform to make system upgrades and expansions easier, to facilitate data communication between generator set components and to simplify system monitoring via the Internet. The new control systems will be available on selected generator sets beginning in early 2008 and will be eventually phased into the full line.

“The new modular platform revolutionizes our generator set controls,” says Steve Hamer, director, power systems controls. “Operators will have more options, including more paralleling options for smaller generator sets. They also will have more flexibility in tailoring solutions to their specific applications.”

The new modular control system will be available in three configurations, depending on the complexity of the power system and customer needs. All configurations will include a main control board and human machine interface (HMI). The PowerCommand 1 level will have standard features and is intended for single generator set applications. The PowerCommand 2 level will have enhanced features for single generator set control in both critical and non–critical applications. The PowerCommand 3 level will be a premium–featured system for digital paralleling control with a utility and/or with generator sets from different manufacturers.

The HMI will provide intuitive generator set operation for all generator set functions, including metering, configuration and fault diagnostics. It will include backlit graphics on an LCD display, “plug and play” operation and dedicated “manual/off/auto” function switches with mode LED’s and configurable access code. Each control can be changed out to upgrade or expand the power generation system, including going from a single generator set system to a paralleling system.

“Integrating all control functions into a single control system will provide enhanced reliability and performance compared to conventional generator set control systems,” said Hamer. “The design of our new modular control platform was driven by three concepts and was developed from extensive customer research. We describe these new controls as being ‘interchangeable,’ ‘interoperable’ and ‘Internet–able.’ Interchangeable means the controls are easy to upgrade, so future expansion is less costly. Interoperable means there is a simple communications hierarchy between generator sets, automatic transfer switches and switchgear. Internet–able controls allow easier and more reliable remote monitoring and operating.

Cummins Power Generation, a subsidiary of Cummins Inc. (NYSE: CMI), is dedicated to providing advanced low–emissions power generation solutions around the world. With over 80 years’ experience, the company’s global distributor network delivers innovative, reliable and cost–effective solutions for any power need – commercial, industrial, recreational, emergency and residential. Products include alternators, generator–drive engines, and temporary or permanent pre–integrated power systems, combining generator sets and power control and transfer technologies. Services range from system design, project management, financing, and operation and maintenance contracts to development of turnkey power plants. For more information, contact Madeline Foss, Cummins Power Generation, 1400 73rd Ave. NE, Minneapolis, MN 55432. Phone: 763–574–5942; fax 763–574–5298.

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