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2008 News Releases

For further information, contact: Debby Wadsworth, 763–574–5395

New 800 kW Rental Power unit from Cummins Power Generation offers better fuel efficiency and a smaller footprint

The new 800 kW Rental Power unit has a smaller footprint with a 30 foot container.

The new 800 kW Rental Power unit has a smaller footprint with a 30 foot container.

MINNEAPOLIS — A new 800 kW trailer-mounted diesel generator set from Cummins Power Generation provides a cleaner, quieter and compact system configured especially for customers seeking mobile power.

“Our new 800 kW Rental Power unit features the workhorse Cummins QSK23–G7 engine that has proven itself across a wide range of applications,” according to Larry Fetting, North America general manager, Cummins Power Generation Rental Business. “The 800 kW mobile generator set offers larger fuel capacity, it can run at full load 6 to 18 hours longer than other generator sets available in today’s market.”

“Fuel savings is on everyone’s mind,” Fetting added. “This unit provides a product to address loads between 500 kW to 800 kW in a very cost effective manner. Some customers will pay for the unit multiple times over a year in fuel savings.”

Other features of the new system include higher fuel storage safety with a 110% fluid containment system and improved emissions with the new 800 kW meeting Tier 2 emissions requirements. A robust cooling system also allows the unit to operate in temperatures up to 122 degrees F (50 degrees C).

The 800 kW Rental Power unit also has a smaller footprint at a mere 30 feet long. The smaller container offers greater flexibility in moving and locating units at work sites or office buildings where space is limited. The container is also insulated with sound attenuation to keep down noise levels.

As with all Rental Power units from Cummins Power Generation, the new 800 kW is a complete pre–integrated power system designed to work in harmony. All parts of the system (generator set and controls) are designed and manufactured by Cummins Power Generation and factory–tested before shipping. “Our products are designed to work together and backed by Cummins Power Generation’s distributor network service and support, which gives our customers peace of mind,” Fetting said. “Service and support is available from our 24/7 distributor service network by calling 1–877–769–7669”.

Cummins Power Generation is an international supplier of Rental Power systems from 35 kW to 2 MW for prime, emergency, standby, peak shaving and distributed generation applications. Industries served include construction, data centers, entertainment, government, health care, hospitality, institutional, manufacturing, media, mining, oil and gas, retail, services, telecommunications, utilities and more.

Cummins Power Generation, a subsidiary of Cummins Inc. (NYSE: CMI), is a global leader dedicated to increasing the availability and reliability of electric power around the world. With more than 80 years’ experience, its global distributor network delivers innovative solutions for any power need – commercial, industrial, recreational, emergency and residential. Products include alternators, generator–drive engines and pre–integrated power systems, combining generator sets and power control and transfer technologies. Services range from system design, project management, financing and operation and maintenance contracts to development of turnkey power plants. For more information, contact Debby Wadsworth, Cummins Power Generation, 1400 73rd Ave. NE, Minneapolis, MN 55432. Phone: 763–574–5395; fax: 763–574–5811. Or visit the Web site at

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