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2009 News Releases

November 2009

Cummins Power Generation's new range packs a powerful punch

Date: November 2009
Cummins Contact: Scott Murphy
Director of Global Marketing
Cummins Power Generation Limited
+1 763 574 5670
Agency contact: Lisa Allen
PR Account Manager
an agency called england
01227 762200

Cummins Power Generation announces the launch of a new line of low-range generator sets designed to maximise performance and minimise environmental impact. Powered by X 1.3 and X 2.5 engines, the new generator sets join an already impressive range of power solutions offered by Cummins Power Generation, a world leader in the diesel generator market for 90 years.

The X 1.3 powered sets are available in 8 -11 kVA configurations at 50Hz, and the X 2.5 powered sets in 17 - 28kVA at 50Hz (12 - 20kVA at 60Hz).

Engineered to deliver maximum power whilst occupying a small space, the innovative range meets the most stringent EU legislation and provides a reliable power solution for a wide variety of prime and standby applications for key market segments, including retail, defence, telecoms, oil, construction, healthcare, banking and insurance. Exceptional power delivery coupled with reduced running costs and less environmental impact makes it one of the best small generator options on the market today.

Steve Juden, Executive Product Manager, said, "Our advanced products have established the benchmark in cost-effective, efficient power generation and this range of smaller generators is set to do the same. We believe this new line with its unique features and benefits will take leadership in the global generator market."

The generator sets feature the Cummins PowerStart 500 controller as standard, and optional Cummins market-leading PowerCommand 1.1 digital technology provides total system integration and proven reliability in generator set monitoring, control and protection. An intuitive operator interface panel, integrated control functionality and advanced over-current protection are key benefits.

Another unique feature is the Cummins Excitation Boost System (EBS). Its power enhancing technology enables smaller sets to deliver the power and performance of larger models without increased running costs and cutting fuel consumption. EBS also provides one horsepower per kilowatt motor starting capacity and exceptional short circuit fault clearing ability together with low battery warning feature ensures uninterrupted power supply.

Sound attenuated enclosures provide best in class quiet operation from 69dB(A) at one metre. The enclosures feature convenient access doors to the engine and alternator service points. Forklift pockets on the skid base and in-built single-point lifting brackets to simplify on-site installation. With compact dimensions from 1460 x 1130 x 850mm the compact design enables double stacking in the container that saves 50% on transport costs, which means the new range not only boasts a small carbon footprint but also an impressively small physical footprint.

Additional features include in-built fuel tanks, which provide customers with excellent fuel autonomy in excess of 30 hours at 75% load, saving on refuelling frequency, associated costs and emissions. Running costs are further reduced through an extended oil change period of 500 hours.

The new sets are part of a range, which includes the X 3.3 model rated 30 to 38kVA at 50 Hz and 27 to 35 kW at 60 Hz. They are supported by a comprehensive warranty on services and parts and are available through Cummins Power Generation's worldwide distributor network.


About Cummins Power Generation

Cummins Power Generation, a subsidiary of Cummins Inc. (NYSE: CMI), is a global leader dedicated to increasing the availability and reliability of electric power around the world. With more than 90 years' experience, its global distributor network of distributors in over 190 countries delivers innovative solutions for any power need - commercial, industrial. Recreational, emergency and residential. Products include alternators, generator-drive engines and pre-integrated power systems, combining generator sets and power control and transfer technologies. Services range from system design, project management, operations and maintenance contracts to development of turnkey power plants.

For more information, contact Scott Murphy, Director of Global Marketing, Cummins Power Generation Limited. Phone +1 763 574 5670. Or visit the website at

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