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PowerCare Preventive Maintenance

Prevent downtime, protect your business. Your generator set protects your business from costly, even dangerous downtime. The PowerCare program from Cummins Power Generation provides your business with an extra measure of protection by offering complete, well–planned preventive maintenance that is centrally managed by our dedicated factory staff.

Truly comprehensive maintenance. Because we understand your application and know your fleet requirements, your maintenance program is tailored to your requirements and applied consistently from site to site. (View PowerCare checks and service procedures.)

The benefits of PowerCare add up to a safer, simpler and more complete way to manage your generator set fleet:

  • Peace of mind. PowerCare is a consistent, high quality program that you can count on. With a factory–developed maintenance program, highly trained service technicians, a dedicated central account management team and a nationwide emergency support network, you can rest assured knowing all of your facilities are in good hands.
  • Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. PowerCare preventive maintenance delivers confidence everywhere you do business: One contract covering all of your locations. And our factory/distributor structure provides both a single point of contact for central account management and local technician contacts for each of your sites.
  • If you’re running it, we’ll protect it. Transfer switches? Switchgear? Generator set? We take care of your equipment no matter who manufactured it. If you are running it, we’ll keep it running. (View a list of products PowerCare can cover.)

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