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Cummins Power Generation Rental Power

Cummins Power Generation provides power on site, on demand, and on time. Whatever your power need, we will deliver the best solution each time, every time to meet your power needs.

Reliable, cost effective, short and long–term solutions are available that include:

  • Complete solution from a single unit to turnkey packages including product specifications, delivery, start–up, fueling and support 24/7.
  • Dependable Rental Power units from 35 kW to 2 MW.
  • Reliable, pre–integrated systems with engines, generators, monitoring controls, automatic transfer switches and switchgear equipment.
  • Rental power market configured units in an easy–to–operate interface allowing quick voltage changes – maximizing flexibility and minimizing setup.
  • Accessories including load banks, fuel tanks, transformers, distribution panels and power cables.

Dedicated to serving our customers

Our commitment goes beyond the sale by helping customers keep their equipment running better and fixing it quickly when it breaks down. Our distributor network has factory trained and certified technicians with fully stocked parts and service vehicles.

Rental power brochure Download our brochure and contact your nearest Cummins Power Generation distributor for more information or call 1–877–769–7669.

Rental Power Literature:

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Current Production:


Out of Production:

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  • PDF icon 2007 Gathering of Mustangs and Legends – United States (151kb)

    Cummins Power Generation Inc. provided electrical power for all events and activities in the Gathering of Mustangs & Legends airshow. Our local distributor, Cummins Bridgeway, managed the delivery, setup and refueling of 42 Rental Power units providing event power spread out over six square miles.

  • PDF icon Al Hunnay Water Pumping Stations – Saudi Arabia (149kb)

    Rental Power from Cummins Power Generation provides 65 MW of continuous electricity to run pumps and keep water flowing to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

  • PDF icon Andaman Electricity Department – India (185kb)

    Cummins Power Generation’s diesel gensets are a major source of Power Generation for the A&N Electricity Board working round–the–clock to improve power reliability and meet emergency requirements for Andaman & Nicobar islands.

  • PDF icon Ansal Plaza Mall Management Company – India (163kb)

    Cummins Power Generation gensets provide back up to Ansal Plaza Shopping Mall in Delhi, India. The unique installation presented several challenges — each solved with innovation and dedication by the Cummins team.

  • PDF icon Brazil Grand Prix – Brazil (167kb)

    Reliable power was needed for professional racers at the Formula 1 race in São Paulo Brazil. Cummins Power Generation sent about 30 engineers, mechanics, technicians and electricians ensure operations ran smoothly as planned.

  • PDF icon Bulghah Gold Mine – Saudi Arabia (164kb)

    Operating 365 days a year, the Bulghah gold mine relies on a prime Rental Power system from Cummins Power Generation producing 7 MW of electrical power 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • PDF icon Cementos Cruz Azul – Mexico (204kb)

    Cementos Cruz Azul turned to Cummins Power Generation Inc. for help in supplying the temporary electric power needed when the local electric utility was experiencing delays in building a transmission line to supply the plant.

  • PDF icon Echo Mountian – United States (262kb)

    Cummins Power Generation provides power for snowmaking and all other electrical needs at the Echo Mountian recreation facility giving skiers and snowboarders a lift, tunes and plenty of snow.

  • PDF icon Emergency Prime Power Station – Mexico (177kb)

    To replace temporary deficits in base–load hydroelectric power caused by record low reservoir levels, Cummins Power Generation commissioned 170 MW of emergency prime power in 41 days at two substation sites outside the city of Zacatecas, Mexico.

  • PDF icon Falcondo Mine – Dominican Republic (173kb)

    Cummins Rental Business reduces production downtime at Falcondo Mine during thermal plant maintenance of boilers and steam turbines.

  • PDF icon FirstEnergy Corporation – United States (192kb)

    Cummins Power Generation operated 103.75 MW of diesel peaking power in a unique peaking power arrangement that has already saved FirstEnergy millions of dollars.

  • PDF icon Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) – India (250kb)

    Cummins Power Generation provides 5MW of reliable power supply at IOCL Guwahati refinery during construction of a new turbine power plant.

  • PDF icon Indian Rayon Limited – India (185kb)

    Cummins Power Generation gensets provide uninterrupted, trouble free, low cost power synchronized with an existing turbine generator to meet the extra power needed to expand Indian Rayon Limited’s business.

  • PDF icon Industrial Minera Mexico – Mexico (337kb)

    Cummins Power Generation Inc. helps refinery resume production after failure of plant’s electrical equipment by providing emergency continuous power for copper and zinc refining.

  • PDF icon Integrated Flow Solutions – United States (223kb)

    By bringing in 2,000 kW of on–site power from Cummins Rental Business for a three–week testing period, Integrated Flow Solutions engineers were able to conduct full–capacity testing of pumping systems for a deep sea oil platform.

  • PDF icon Jasper National Park – Canada (146kb)

    This unique resort in the Canadian Rockies needed to provide prime and standby power for its 32 room tourist hotel and cluster of 100 staff apartments during the summer travel season. They needed high reliability and fuel efficiency, and also compliance with the strict policies prohibiting permanent structures in a national park

  • PDF icon Lake Palace Hotel – India (165kb)

    Cummins Power Generation gensets provide 100% backup of utility power for Lake Palace Hotels & Motels Limited. The diesel gensets are installed in City Palace Estate and provide reliable backup power for the City Palace and Lake Palace.

  • PDF icon Long Island Power Authority – United States (148kb)

    For several years, New York’s Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) supplemented its summertime generating capacity with rented mobile peaking generators to avoid strain on the utility’s power distribution system. In 2004, LIPA awarded a contract to Cummins Metropower, Inc. for 88 MW of clean, reciprocating engine mobile generators from Cummins Rental Business. The mobile generators have not only met stringent air quality regulations but reduced installation and operating costs for the power authority as well.

  • PDF icon Lonsdale Power Station – Australia (309kb)

    The 20 MW peaking power plant designed and built by Cummins Power Generation in Adelaide highlights the tough environmental standards that can be met by a diesel plant. The "clean" power station, comprised of 18 containerized gensets, meets tough environmental standards and can be started automatically on demand, within 60 seconds, from anywhere in Australia.

  • PDF icon Minnesota State Fair – United States (218kb)

    Every year Cummins Rental Business supplies rental power for the Minnesota State Fair. In 2002, 3.8 MW of rental power provided the electricity for 68 rides, 50 games of skill, and lighting for the main entertainment stage at the Grandstand.

  • PDF icon Nirmal Lifestyles – India (289kb)

    Cummins Power Generation provides continuous, reliable round–the–clock backup power for the Nirmal Lifstyles state–of-–art shopping and residential development in Mulund, Mumbai.

  • PDF icon Rio Carnival – Brazil (261kb)

    For the first time, Cummins Rental Business became the major supplier of rental generator sets to the world–famous Rio Carnival, one of the largest public celebrations in the Western hemisphere. The annual Carnival attracted hundreds of thousands of spectators and participants and required more than 8 MW of highly reliable rental power.

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