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The InCal Software distribution website is intended for InPower users at a global level who
support Cummins products and services.This website contains Calibration and Feature files
only and does NOT contain any pricing or product marketing materials.The user population may
consist of Cummins employees or Guests (non-Cummins employee) who are authorized for this
type of application use.First determine if you are a Cummins employee or "Guest",then
complete the registration information accurately as outlined below or it may result in delaying or
rejecting your access request.

  Cummins Employees:
    - Enter your WWID (World Wide Identification) into the "UserID" category
    - Enter your Cummins email address in [email protected] format
    - Do NOT use your [email protected] format.
    - This will prompt the system to register your WWID.Once your request is approved,
      you will be granted access to the InCal Website using your standard Cummins password
      (WWIMS - World Wide Identify Management).

  Guest - All Other Users (Non-Cummins employees):
    - Enter any "UserID" you prefer with greater than 5 characters
    - Enter any email address that does not contain
    - After approval is granted you will then be sent an email link to be able to register your
      password and establish password recovery information.

   User Download Guide

 Register your profile here: user register here.If you are an existing CumminsPower website user, click here to login with your username and password to have the InCal website application added to your existing user profile.

Please provide the informations requested below:

First Name:                                

Last Name                                 

E Mail Address                          

Company  Name:                      

Mailing Address1:                      

Mailing Address2(Optional):      


User Id:                                      

                                           (min . 5 characters)

Dongle Serial No.(optional):