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Cummins Power Generation provides expert services for power system start-up, troubleshooting, parts, repair and maintenance for all makes of diesel and gas engines and generator sets. Supported by factory engineers and technicians, our worldwide network of distributors assures that expert help is always available. We also provide value-added services such as training, tool rental and system upgrades to support the operation of your power facility.

Technical Services:

Cummins Power Generation has engine and generator set technicians, control engineers and electrical systems experts to get your plant up and running, and keep it running. We can design, supply, install and service all power system components, as well as make modifications to existing power systems.

Technical Training:

We offer numerous training courses for our customers as well as for Cummins Power Generation distributors. Training for engineers, operators and technicians is available on site at your plant or office, at our distributor locations worldwide, or at our factory training centers in the United States, United Kingdom and Singapore. Courses range from a general overview to in-depth maintenance and troubleshooting of Cummins Power Generation products. For more information, choose the link that best describes your training needs:

Energy Solutions Training

These courses are for customers seeking training on our Energy Solutions products (natural gas, lean-burn, combined heat and power, low-emissions diesel).

Other Technical Training - Contact Your Local Distributor

For all other Cummins Power Generation products, contact your local distributor for training opportunities.

Maintenance and Operations Agreements

Our service agreements can provide some or all of your operating and maintenance needs, freeing you to concentrate on your core business. We can guarantee power system up-time, parts, maintenance, and operation and maintenance costs for one year or 15 years for total peace of mind.


We offer numerous training courses at our factory facilities in Fridley, Minnesota, USA; Daventry, United Kingdom and Singapore. We also offer them at our distributor locations worldwide, or even conduct them at your plant or office. Courses are available for diesel and natural gas generator sets and related products at three levels: "familiarization," "user," and "technician." For example, we offer "Electrics for Mechanical Engineers" to support your on-site engineers, and "Cogeneration Training" to familiarize your personnel with reciprocating engine-based combined heat and power systems. Contact your Cummins Power Generation distributor for more information.

Tool Rentals

Power generation equipment sometimes requires special tools for service or an overhaul. We can rent the tools you need at a fraction of the cost of buying your own.

Upgrades and Reconditioning Services

Electrical, mechanical and control system factory upgrades are frequently introduced to help keep your power system running at top efficiency. These improvements can often be retrofitted to existing power systems to extend their useful life.

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