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Energy Solutions Training

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Cummins Power Generation offers a series of training courses for our Energy Solutions products—natural gas, lean–burn, combined heat and power and low–emissions diesel. Four levels of training are available:

  • F = Familiarization
  • U = User (Operation and Maintenance)
  • T = Technician
  • Q = Distributor Technician Qualification

Training is offered at our distributor locations and at our factory facilities in Fridley, Minnesota, United States and Daventry, United Kingdom (also coming soon in Singapore). Special on–site training at customer plants or offices can be arranged on request.

Instructor–Led Training Courses Duration Level
HHP Lean Burn Engine and Generator Controls
(covers QSV81/91, QSK 45/60G and QSK19G)
4 days Q
QSV 81 and 91 Engine 1 day
2 days
4 days
Electrics for Mechanical Engineers 3 days U
"Quest" for Gas (Quantum Electronic Service Tool) 1 day Q
Cogeneration Training 2 days U
Power Plant Training (for Diesel or Gas Prime Movers) 2 days U
PLC – Programmable Logic Controller 2 days T
QSV27/36/73/82 Industrial and Marine Engine (Inline and ‘V’ Diesel Engines) 1 day
3 days
5 days

Following successful completion of instructor–led qualification (Q) courses, Cummins Power Generation offers technicians an opportunity to work on a site with experienced personnel to develop and expand their skills. This valuable site experience program would normally run for one week and be held at a current service or commissioning job site. No charge is made for this service; however, participants must cover their own expenses.

On–Site Training Courses Duration Level
QSK 19G Operation, Maintenance and System Orientation 3 days U
QSK 60G Operation, Maintenance and System Orientation 3 days U
QSV 81/91G Operation, Maintenance and System Orientation 3 days U
QSV 81/91 Industrial Gas Controls Troubleshooting and Operation 5 days T
"Home Study" CD–ROM Courses Duration Order Code
Fundamentals of Natural Gas for Stationery Power 1 hour 4091824
HHP Natural Gas Lean Burn Control Systems
(Covers engine and generator controls for ‘V’ and inline engines)
2 hours 4091825
QSV 81/91 Natural Gas Engines 3 hours 4091826
QSK 45/60 Natural Gas Engines 2 hours 4091827
QSK 45/60 (Diesel) Engines 13.5 hours 3898777
Insite 6 6 hours 3898977

"Home Study" CD–ROMs can be purchased through your local Cummins distributor. CD–ROM courses are pre–requisites to many of the instructor–led courses. Prices vary per package.

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