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Alternative Energy Solutions

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Cummins Power Generation designs, builds and maintains on–site power generation systems that can use a variety of alternative fuels. These specially designed low–Btu gas generator sets can run on either natural gas, or a variety of other gases. One example is methane, that is being created by converting waste–to–energy from landfills. Alternative fuel applications include:

  • Solid waste landfill gas — when organic material in landfills is digested by anaerobic bacteria, it produces a gas that is about 50 percent methane.
  • Municipal sewage digester gas — sewage digesters produce a gas that is 65 – 75 percent methane.
  • Biogas from agricultural wastes — digesters can produce methane gas from hog, cattle and poultry confinement wastes.
  • Coal seam gas — methane, which occurs naturally in coal deposits, can be collected and burned in a gas generator set.
  • Flare gas — flammable gases and vapors from oil exploration activities and refining can also be used for power generation.
  • Biodiesel — diesel fuel can be mixed with up to 10 percent of oils and fats from plant or animal sources and burned in an unmodified diesel generator.

For information about how we can help you meet your power needs using alternative fuel sources contact your nearest distributor.

Alternative Energy & Waste–to–Energy Literature:

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Global Brochures

Asia Pacific

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  • PDF icon Jaguar Mine – Australia (215kb)

    Cummins Power Generation enables Australian metal producer to save money with natural gas prime power.

  • PDF icon Municipal Waste Treatment Plant – Canary Islands (527kb)

    The Canary Islands Salto del Negro municipal waste treatment plant turned to Cummins Power Generation for a cogeneration (combined heat and power) solution that processes garbage and sewage collected from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, a city of 380,000, and several surrounding towns and villages. The waste is processed to produce methane gas, which is then used to fuel generators that produce both electricity and heat.

  • PDF icon Viridor Waste Management – Scotland (196kb)

    In addition to disposing of thousands of tons of waste daily from its 193–acre site east of Edinburgh, Scotland, Viridor Waste Management uses two low–Btu gas generator sets from Cummins Power Generation to produce 3.5 MW of electricity from the methane created by decaying rubbish.

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