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Emergency and Standby Power

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An emergency power system is an independent power generation system that is legally required to feed equipment or systems whose failure may present a life safety hazard to persons or property. A standby power system refers to an independent power system that allows operation of a facility in the event of normal power failure.

Businesses and institutions can lose power due to:

  • Tornados
  • Hurricanes
  • Ice storms
  • Capacity-related issues

In such events, Cummins Power Generation emergency and standby power systems provide uninterrupted power for essential operations and help businesses comply with life/safety codes.

Features and Benefits:

  • Diesel and natural gas generator sets from 4 to 2700kW
  • PowerCommand® control systems (PowerCommand smart technology in integrated digital control)
  • Transfer switches from 30 to 3000 amps
  • Sound-attenuated enclosures
  • Rental power solutions
  • Networking solutions
  • Turnkey solutions for many applications
  • 24/7 service and support

For information about products that can help you meet your emergency and standby power needs see the products section of this Web site or contact your nearest distributor.

Emergency / Standby Literature:

These brochures are in PDF (PDF icon) format; to view them, you will need Adobe Reader® software.

Global Brochures

North America

Asia Pacific

Europe Middle East Africa

These case histories are in PDF (PDF icon) format; to view them, you will need Adobe Reader® software.

  • PDF icon Adelaide Airport – Australia (141kb)

    In the event of a power outage, the new $260 million airport terminal in Adelaide relies on a state–of–the–art standby power system engineered and installed by Cummins Power Generation.

  • PDF icon Advanced Info Service – Thailand (227kb)

    Cummins Power Generation backs up largest mobilephone operator in Thailand. Cummins Power generation was chosen for this 2000 KVA standby project because of their proven track–record of product reliability within spec, cost competitiveness and quick–response service support.

  • PDF icon Ajax Water Supply Plant – Canada (167kb)

    The Ajax plant requires about 2 MW of continuous power during peak water demand to supply its 150,000 customers. Local government regulations required the installation of standby power, and Cummins Power Generation provided the entire package exactly as specified.

  • PDF icon Al Ahli Hospital – Qatar (146kb)

    The Al Ali Hospital, one of the largest private facilities in the Middle East, selected Cummins Power Generation to provide integrated, reliable and seamless emergency backup power for critical hospital needs during utility power outages.

  • PDF icon Alberta Children’s Hospital – Canada (188kb)

    The state–of–the–art, 133–bed, 750,000–square–foot Alberta Children’s Hospital was designed for speedy recoveries and power reliability. Officials chose Cummins Power Generation Inc. to provide emergency standby power for all of the hospital’s electrical needs in the event of a utility outage.

  • PDF icon Arrowhead Emergency Generating Plant – United States (188kb)

    For the thousands of residents who live in the North Shore region, the wooded area and frequent storms raise concerns over the reliability of their electric power service. Nine 2 MW generators and the PowerCommand® Digital switchgear Model 300/MV supplied by Cummins Power Generation are installed at the Arrowhead standby generator site.

  • PDF icon Asker and Baerum Hospital – Norway (202kb)

    For its latest expansion project, Asker and Baerum Hospital wanted the generator set to provide emergency back–up power for nearly all of the electrical load in the new addition. The hospital chose a Cummins Power Generation genset with PowerCommand controls and AmpSentry™ fault protection.

  • PDF icon Belgrade Sports Arena – Serbia (207kb)

    As a venue designed to accommodate some of the world’s largest sporting competitions, power reliability is essential. The owner of the Arena, Investor, chose Cummins Power Generation gensets to provide reliable backup power for all arena systems.

  • PDF icon Cummins Power Generation – United States (198kb)

    The Cummins Power Generation interruptible power system serves 650,000 square feet of Cummins Power Generation’s manufacturing, engineering, and general office areas. The system includes five 1100 kW prime power rated generator sets that give the company the capability to assume 100 percent of the facility’s loads during any time of the year.

  • PDF icon Dubai International Airport – Dubai (206kb)

    The Royal Air Wing, part of a $2.5 billion expansion project at Dubai International Airport, was in need of emergency standby power. Cummins Middle East provided a complete critical emergency backup power solution including the design, supply, installation, testing and on–site training for the project.

  • PDF icon El Corte Ingles Hipercor – Spain (170kb)

    For El Corte Ingles, Spain’s largest retailer, preventing utility outages from inconveniencing its customers and interrupting the flow of business is critical. El Corte Ingles has turned to Cummins Power Generation to provide standby power systems that keep the lights on and the check–out lines moving.

  • PDF icon Graettinger Municipal Light Plant – United States (218kb)

    The Graettinger Municipal Light Plant distributes power within the city limits of Graettinger, Iowa, a community of about 900 people. For years, the plant had been operating with less than full standby power — until they installed a 2 MW power system with PowerCommand Digital Paralleling and Master Control.

  • PDF icon HeJian Technology – China (160kb)

    A 9.6 MW Cummins Power Generation diesel standby power system maintains critical semiconductor manufacturing operations in the event of a utility failure.

  • PDF icon Info Vision Optoelectronics – China (167kb)

    A 20 MW Cummins Power Generation diesel standby power system provides continuous power protecting valuable semiconductor materials and partially completed products in the event of a utility failure.

  • PDF icon International Center for Diarrheal Disease – Bangladesh (174kb)

    Cummins Power Generation provides mission-critical emergency backup power for hospital and research facility including drug refrigeration equipment.

  • PDF icon Jollibee Commissary – Philippines (253kb)

    Cummins Power Generation provides back–up power for the processing plants of the largest fast–food chain in the Philippines. This has kept downtime to an absolute minimum during power outages, especially during the rainy season and also during maintenance operations.

  • PDF icon Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) – Kenya (184kb)

    The Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) chose prime–rated sets by Cummins Power Generationto provide standby application power for the operation of the KTDA's facilities and the factories that it manages.

  • PDF icon Lifestyle Brands, Hennopsrivier – South Africa (113kb)

    It is estimated that more than a million pies are consumed in Southern Africa every day. This pie phenomenon is partly due to the convenience of the product, a quick nutritious snack packed with juicy flavour.

  • PDF icon Lucas Heights Nuclear Replacement Reactor – Australia (153kb)

    To provide emergency standby power to the 20 MW nuclear research reactor at Lucas Heights, a 2.5 MW standby power system featuring three PowerCommand 833DFHC generator sets, tested and modified to withstand a major earthquake, was installed by Cummins Power Generation.

  • PDF icon Mass Rapid Transit – Singapore (139kb)

    Cummins Power Generation gensets provide back–up power for the world’s first fully–automated Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system. Nearly all of the stations in the MRT’s North East Line in Singapore are backed up by Cummins Power Generation gensets because of their known reliability in emergency and heavy duty applications.

  • PDF icon Metropolitan Community College Emergency Center – United States (143kb)

    Cummins Power Generation gensets provide back–up power for the world’s first fully–automated Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system. Nearly all of the stations in the MRT’s North East Line in Singapore are backed up by Cummins Power Generation gensets because of their known reliability in emergency and heavy duty applications.

  • PDF icon Millennium Arts Project – Australia (165kb)

    Australia’s new Queensland Cultural Center needed reliable back–up electric power for temperature and humidity control of its sensitive art and historical collections. Cummins Power Generation delivered the system design and equipment comprised of three Cummins Power Generation generator sets and PowerCommand® digital paralleling equipment.

  • PDF icon Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) – Kuwait  (106kb)

    The Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) is responsible for the provision of power and water to different sectors of consumers.

  • PDF icon Municipal Water Plant – United States (147kb)

    A large regional water treatment plant keeps taps flowing and lowers costs by generating its own power during the utility’s summer peak demand periods with 5.4 MW standby power system from Cummins Power Generation.

  • PDF icon My Dinh National Stadium – Vietnam (250kb)

    Cummins Power Generation provides 2082 KVA of reliable and quiet standby power at National Stadium in Hanoi during SEA Games 2003.

  • PDF icon NSW Police Headquarters – Australia (255kb)

    Cummins Power Generation provided a state–of–the–art emergency power system for the complex computer and operational systems of Australia’s largest police organization.

  • PDF icon Palafolls – Spain (100kb)

    The Inditex Group, one of the world's largest fashion groups boasting well-known brands such as Zara, Kiddy's Class, Pull&Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho and Zara-Home, has over 4,300 stores and recently expanded its retail footprint to encompass 73 countries worldwide.

  • PDF icon Queensland Alumina Limited – Australia (141kb)

    Queensland Alumina Ltd (QAL) selected Cummins Power Generation to provide backup support for QAL’s two 13MW steam turbines at its Gladstone refinery – the largest alumina refinery in the world.

  • PDF icon Regal Palace Hotel – China (202kb)

    To ensure that its guests always receive five–star service in the event of utility power failure, the Regal Palace Hotel in Dongguan, China installed a 4.48 MW standby power system from Cummins Power Generation Inc.

  • PDF icon Santo Domingo Metro – Domincan Republic  (121kb)

    Cummins Power Generation provides Santo Domingo Metro, a rapid transit system in the capital of the Dominican Republic, with standby application power for the Metro's principal station, centre office, maintenance system and main line.

  • PDF icon Seven Network Broadcasting Centre – Australia (247kb)

    A project to supply standby power to the new Seven Network (Channel 7) digital broadcasting centre in Melbourne suddenly took on much greater scope with the decision to connect the two generator sets to the main electrical grid. Cummins Power Generation supplied the equipment and provided total contract management of the project.

  • PDF icon Sewage lift stations – United States (772kb)

    To increase reliability, safety and prevent the risk of sewage backup if the local electric utility failed, the ecologically sensitive town of Camas, Washington specified that each new lift station include a standby power generator from Cummins Power Generation Inc.

  • PDF icon The Trzebinia Refinery – Poland (386kb)

    The Trzebinia Refinery was in need of a power supplier who could provide emergency standby power for their paraffin hydro–refinery installation. Cummins Poland provided a complete, cost–effective emergency backup power solution at the best value for the money.

  • PDF icon Tesco Lotus Supercenters – Thailand (245kb)

    To provide backup to the grid power supply, Tesco Lotus has installed 22 Cummins Power Generation gensets installed at 11 supercenters, as well as at a supermarket and data center at the Tesco Lotus Head Office in Bangkok, Thailand.

  • PDF icon UMCi Pte Ltd. – Singapore (281kb)

    UMCi, Southeast Asia’s first 300mm wafer fabrication plant, chose Cummins for their standby power system, citing our reliability and proven track record.

  • PDF icon University of Regina – Canada (374kb)

    University of Regina installs unique standby power system from Cummins Power Generation to keep critical campus activities operating even when local power sources fail.

  • PDF icon U.S. Embassy – China (209kb)

    Three of Cummins Power Generation’s 10KV 1,290 kW and one 400KV 110 kW generator sets provide standby power for the complex’s five buildings; the massive $434 million diplomatic complex spans 500,000 square feet, making it the second–largest American embassy in the world.

  • PDF icon Valencia Airport – Spain (383kb)

    Cummins Power Generation provides 6 MW of emergency standby power to ensure services are kept running smoothly for the expanding Valencia Airport in at Manises.

  • PDF icon Verizon Wireless – United States (159kb)

    During the massive blackout in the northeastern United States, many cell phones stopped working when some wireless providers lost power at their cell antenna sites. But Verizon Wireless customers kept on talking — thanks to on–site standby power systems from Cummins Power Generation.

  • PDF icon Warid Telecom – Pakistan (237kb)

    Warid Telecom wanted a generator set solution that could deliver both standby and prime power even in the most difficult terrain. Given Cummins Power Generation's proven product reliability, even in the harshest conditions, Warid Telecom chose 300 Cummins Power Generation C33 D5 generator sets operating on 50Hz, to deliver 33 kVA (standby) and 30 kVA (prime) of power each.

  • PDF icon Wellstar Hospital – United States (373kb)

    WellStar Kennestone Hospital is often described as the healthcare hub for east and north Cobb and south Cherokee counties of Georgia.

  • PDF icon Westmead Hospital – Australia (141kb)

    The Westmead Hospital in Sydney, Australia commissioned a complete standby power system to provide emergency standby power for their 1,000 bed teaching hospital and medical and scientific research center.

  • PDF icon Winn–Dixie – United States (175kb)

    Food retailer Winn–Dixie showcases its rebuilt New Orleans East store as a prototype using the latest design concepts. One important addition was a 600 kW diesel generator from Cummins Power Generation Inc. In addition to providing electricity to the entire store in the event of a natural disaster or power outage, the standby generator features a PowerCommand iWatch™ wireless monitoring system that links the generator set with cellular and satellite networks.

  • PDF icon Yugoslav Drama Theatre – Serbia  (241kb)

    The newly rebuilt theatre required quiet, emergency backup power to support all electrical systems, including a sophisticated fire security system. Cummins Power Generation was chosen for our renowned ability to accommodate challenging projects and our quality aftersales service.

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