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  • PDF icon Advanced Info Service – Thailand (227kb)

    Cummins Power Generation backs up largest mobilephone operator in Thailand. Cummins Power generation was chosen for this 2000 KVA standby project because of their proven track–record of product reliability within spec, cost competitiveness and quick–response service support.

  • PDF icon Verizon Wireless – United States (159kb)

    During the massive blackout in the northeastern United States, many cell phones stopped working when some wireless providers lost power at their cell antenna sites. But Verizon Wireless customers kept on talking — thanks to on–site standby power systems from Cummins Power Generation.

  • PDF icon Tesco Lotus Supercenters – Thailand (245kb)

    To provide backup to the grid power supply, Tesco Lotus has installed 22 Cummins Power Generation gensets installed at 11 supercenters, as well as at a supermarket and data center at the Tesco Lotus Head Office in Bangkok, Thailand.


  • PDF icon Mal Panakkukang Shopping Complex – Indonesia (252kb)

    Cummins Power Generation keeps Mal Panakkukang shopping complex open for business every day of the week, despite frequent power shortages from local utility. Five Cummins Power Generation gensets provide power to run all mall systems and merchant requirements including lighting, security, air conditioning, escalators and food service.

  • PDF icon El Corte Ingles Hipercor – Spain (170kb)

    For El Corte Ingles, Spain’s largest retailer, preventing utility outages from inconveniencing its customers and interrupting the flow of business is critical. El Corte Ingles has turned to Cummins Power Generation to provide standby power systems that keep the lights on and the check–out lines moving.

  • PDF icon Jollibee Commissary – Philippines (253kb)

    Cummins Power Generation provides back–up power for the processing plants of the largest fast–food chain in the Philippines. This has kept downtime to an absolute minimum during power outages, especially during the rainy season and also during maintenance operations.


  • PDF icon Info Vision Optoelectronics – China (167kb)

    A 20 MW Cummins Power Generation diesel standby power system provides continuous power protecting valuable semiconductor materials and partially completed products in the event of a utility failure.

  • PDF icon UMCi Pte Ltd. – Singapore (281kb)

    UMCi, Southeast Asia’s first 300mm wafer fabrication plant, chose Cummins for their standby power system, citing our reliability and proven track record.

  • PDF icon HeJian Technology – China (160kb)

    A 9.6 MW Cummins Power Generation diesel standby power system maintains critical semiconductor manufacturing operations in the event of a utility failure.


  • PDF icon Alberta Children’s Hospital – Canada (188kb)

    The state–of–the–art, 133–bed, 750,000–square–foot Alberta Children’s Hospital was designed for speedy recoveries and power reliability. Officials chose Cummins Power Generation Inc. to provide emergency standby power for all of the hospital’s electrical needs in the event of a utility outage.

  • PDF icon Westmead Hospital – Australia (141kb)

    The Westmead Hospital in Sydney, Australia commissioned a complete standby power system to provide emergency standby power for their 1,000 bed teaching hospital and medical and scientific research center.

  • PDF icon Al Ahli Hospital – Qatar (146kb)

    The Al Ali Hospital, one of the largest private facilities in the Middle East, selected Cummins Power Generation to provide integrated, reliable and seamless emergency backup power for critical hospital needs during utility power outages.


  • PDF icon Angaston Power Station – Australia (202kb)

    Cummins Power Generation provides a low emissions, sound-attenuated turnkey solution to help support the Australian power grid during times of high peak demand or power emergencies.

  • PDF icon PLN Bontang Power Station – Indonesia (141kb)

    Cummins Power Generation Gensets supplement the power supply from Indonesia’s Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) power utility. Cummins Power Generation was chosen because of their known reliability for heavy–duty prime applications, quick–response service support and cost–effective maintenance.

  • PDF icon Long Island Power Authority – United States (148kb)

    For several years, New York’s Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) supplemented its summertime generating capacity with rented mobile peaking generators to avoid strain on the utility’s power distribution system. In 2004, LIPA awarded a contract to Cummins Metropower, Inc. for 88 MW of clean, reciprocating engine mobile generators from Cummins Rental Business. The mobile generators have not only met stringent air quality regulations but reduced installation and operating costs for the power authority as well.


  • PDF icon Andaman Electricity Department – India (185kb)

    Cummins Power Generation’s diesel gensets are a major source of Power Generation for the A&N Electricity Board working round–the–clock to improve power reliability and meet emergency requirements for Andaman & Nicobar islands.

  • PDF icon Graettinger Municipal Light Plant – United States (218kb)

    The Graettinger Municipal Light Plant distributes power within the city limits of Graettinger, Iowa, a community of about 900 people. For years, the plant had been operating with less than full standby power — until they installed a 2 MW power system with PowerCommand Digital Paralleling and Master Control.

  • PDF icon Municipal Waste Treatment Plant – Canary Islands (527kb)

    The Canary Islands Salto del Negro municipal waste treatment plant turned to Cummins Power Generation for a cogeneration (combined heat and power) solution that processes garbage and sewage collected from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, a city of 380,000, and several surrounding towns and villages. The waste is processed to produce methane gas, which is then used to fuel generators that produce both electricity and heat.

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