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Pre–Integrated Power Solutions

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PowerCommand® Power System

PowerCommand from Cummins Power Generation is a new way to ensure the equipment in a power system works together from the start. It means pre–integrated design, rather than the combination of an engine, alternator, controls and transfer switches from a variety of manufacturers. That guarantees simpler installation and minimal problems with commissioning and maintenance.

PowerCommand is the first single source power system to pre–integrate microprocessor-based power system equipment, including:

  • 35 kW to 2.7 MW generator sets
  • Alternators
  • Automatic transfer switches, bypass isolation switches and related switchgear
  • Paralleling load transfer equipment
  • Digital paralleling equipment

Features and Benefits:

PowerCommand saves time, labor and money by building more features and functionality into its equipment and then testing the entire system to:

  • Streamline specification
  • Simplify installation and commissioning
  • Improve performance and reliability
  • Reduce installation, operation and maintenance costs

That's the Power of One™, with components created to work together, designed, built, pre–integrated and serviced by Cummins Power Generation for:

  • Reliability
  • Optimum system performance
  • Minimum system cost

Pre–integrated design offers advantages for:

  • Consulting–specifying engineers
  • Building owners
  • Facility managers
  • Electrical contractors

For information about how our pre-integrated products can help you meet your power needs contact your nearest distributor.

Integrated Power Literature:

These brochures are in PDF (PDF icon) format; to view them, you will need Adobe Reader® software.

Global Brochures

Asia Pacific

Europe Middle East Africa

These case histories are in PDF (PDF icon) format; to view them, you will need Adobe Reader® software.

  • PDF icon Hancock Memorial Hospital – United States  (167kb)

    When Hancock Memorial Hospital upgraded their on–site power system, they needed to provide full redundancy to three power branches: life safety, critical circuits and equipment circuits. Cummins answered their needs with a 2 MW system with PowerCommand digital controls.

  • PDF icon Minneapolis–St. Paul International Airport – United States  (175kb)

    The airport recently completed a major expansion project to accommodate up to 40 million passengers annually. To ensure continuous service even during an interruption of electric power, engineers have designed an efficient standby power system that relies on the PowerCommand pre–integrated standby power system.

  • PDF icon Orange County Convention Center, Phase V – United States (160kb)

    Cummins Power Generation provided an unconventional solution for standby power for the Center’s latest, 2.8 million square foot, expansion. The standby system is located in a separate building one–half mile from the addition. Generators are connected by a high–voltage, underground power line (15 kV) to minimize line losses; and communication with the 72 automatic transfer switches is carried out over a fiber–optic cable system.

Technical Papers:

These technical papers are in PDF (PDF icon) format; to view them, you will need Adobe Reader® software.

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