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Welcome to the Power Suite Web Center — your source for the most current version of Power Suite applications from Cummins Power Generation.

To use these updates, you must have Power Suite version 4.1. If you have an older version, please contact your Cummins Power Generation distributor for a new copy of the CD–ROM set.

Power Suite Help Page

Click to access our help page for answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or for a link to a suggestion box to leave us feedback. You may also contact Power Suite Support by telephone at 1–888–727–4399 for further assistance.

Latest Updates:

This update will help you keep your Power Suite data current by adding new and deleting obsolete models. Click the link below that corresponds to your region to begin downloading the update:

(Internet Explorer users, please click link and choose "Run" or "Open" to install the update directly from this site.

Mozilla Firefox users, please right–click link and choose "Save Link As..." to download the file. Then run the update manually by installing the downloaded file from your computer.)

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