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System Design Tools

The Power Suite, on CD-ROM, is available from North American Cummins Power Generation distributors. This tool contains easy-to-use generator set sizing software, product specification and data sheets, key drawings in both viewable image and CAD formats along with other application technical information. This comprehensive set of product information and software tools is designed to assist the user in selecting appropriate power generation products and identifying facility design and installation requirements.

The Power Suite includes:


A comprehensive, easy-to-use generator set sizing software that allows the user to quickly determine the optimum Cummins Power Generation generator set required for power generation applications. Simply enter project requirements and electrical loads and GenSize calculates generator loading, required generator performance, and provides product recommendations.


The Library contains all product specification and data sheets, as well as outline and schematic drawings. After using GenSize to determine which Cummins generator set best meets project requirements, the Library can be used to acquire documentation containing information needed for facility design. Also included are application manuals and technical papers on a variety of power generation topics.


Includes a series of product Sample Specifications in Word format that can be used as a source for power generation project specifications.

Click to access the Power Suite Web Center for updates and help using our Power Suite software.

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